Reduce friction for your clients by connecting your app to Australia's leading hospitality POS systems

The trick to guaranteeing sticky, happy customers is to ensure that your product is making business easier for them. However, today the tech landscape in hospitality is wide and varied with multiple providers all looking to service a different need be it loyalty, reservations, food and drink purchases, stock, rostering, data analysis and so much more. The average venue juggles more than a dozen different third party providers weekly.

By connecting your App to Tyro Connect your customers will benefit from a seamless and friction-free integration to their hospitality POS system. If you are a booking provider, ordering or loyalty platform, inventory management system, last mile delivery partner or something entirely different then we likely have a solution to support your integration.


This portal contains the documentation App Partners need to integrate their App into Tyro Connect. Alternatively, if you are looking for documentation for POS Partners, you can find that documentation over at Tyro Connect APIs for POS Partners.

Tyro uses modern and familiar API technologies ensuring that developers are quickly able get on with the job of integrating their Apps into Tyro Connect.

Tyro Connect API technologies:

  • Authentication is built around OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Flow
  • Webhooks are used to allow App Partners to specify their own HTTP end points for Tyro to use as callbacks for sending information in real time
  • REST is used as an architectural style for our APIs ensuring that a familiar pattern for interoperability is used between App Partners and Tyro Connect.

Getting Started with Tyro Connect

To get started with Tyro Connect, we will need to issue you with some credentials that will allow you to interact with the various APIs that we offer.

To get in touch with us, please send us an email and we’ll help you get started!

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