Seamlessly connect must-have apps to your hospitality POS system

In today’s competitive and tech-enabled environment, businesses can find themselves having to juggle many different apps in order to meet customer expectations and manage day-to-day tasks.

Tyro Connect is an integration hub that plugs these apps into your POS system, making them easier for businesses to use and manage. Tyro Connects integrations aims to reduce the amount of handling you or your staff need to do to run your business and to free up your time to focus on what's most important.


To date we have a number of app partners that may be of value to you each spanning across a collection of use cases. If you are interested in utilizing Tyro Connects functionality and are interested to find out more simply contact us at


Our ordering API automatically pushes accepted orders from ordering apps directly into the POS, eliminating the need for your staff to manually re-enter the order.


You can now receive and manage reservations from leading booking platforms. Optimise your table turnover through enhanced visibility over your table statuses as well as feed relevant sales data from your POS to your reservation system to help build a robust profile on your customers.


Easily sync menus across multiple ordering apps. Menu management reduces the need to update multiple menus and helps avoid outdated menus being seen by your customers.

Sales Data and Insights

Tyro Connect enables you to share your item level sales data with your favourite inventory, booking and loyalty apps so that they can provide you with customised reports, insights and services.

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