ParTech PixelPoint Integration

PixelPoint / Tyro Connect

A partnership that allows PixelPoint Merchants to integrate their app partners directly to their Point of Sale. Currently, live with Food Ordering, connecting various, dine in, takeaway and delivery partners, making a seamless integration, reducing time spent manually inputting orders and freeing up time to do what you do best.

Current Integrations:

  • Food Ordering 1.0
  • Menu Sync 1.0

Upcoming Integrations:

  • Bookings 1.0
  • Loyalty 1.0
  • Sales Data 1.0
  • Payments 1.0


  • Minimum Requirements
  • Installing the Tyro Connect Module onto the POS
  • Configuring your Tyro Connect / PixelPoint Integration
  • POS / Store Configurations
  • Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants

Minimum Requirements

  • PixelPoint Version 20
  • External Order Interface (EOI) License

Installing the Tyro Connect Module onto the POS

To successfully install and run EOI, you must have the following executables:

  • POS _Classic.exe
  • PixelPOintHQConnectorInstaller.exe
  • PixekPointHQEoiInstaller.exe

Installation files

POS Installation:

  • Create a folder on POSSERVER system named PixelPOS. Share the folder on network as \ posserver\pixelpos. (Adjust as needed to computer name used)


  • If you only plan to use 1 system for 1 server and station, you can use alternatively c:\pixelpos without setting up network sharing.
  • Install the following by running as Administrator (right click and select “Run as Administrator”).

Installation accept agreement

  • Navigate through the wizard pages. Enter the location where you want the POSSERVER to be located at.
  • Next select components (as needed)

Choose Components

  • Wait a bit until you will be asked to also install POS Station on same system.
  • Again, select optional components and proceed.

Choose Optional Components

  • At the end you will be asked for a station number for this install. All POS installs need station #1 for many site operations. For example: EOD and Start day.

Station number Station number example

  • Depends on the components selected, you may have additional license and dialogs to progress, Click on “Finish” on station installer.

Installation Finished

  • Restart OS to allow all needed components to auto start. After restart, you might be asked if you would like to perform SQL updates, Click YES.

Database Update

  • Then a message about no license will be displayed.

License Key Update

  • Enter your License Key.

Enter License Key

  • Press “Activate or Update Online” (that becomes available key code is entered). You will see “Approved” if you have valid key:

License Approved

Configure BackOffice to allow running EOI:

  • Start Backoffice (default login is 100 if you have not changed yet), select “Employees”. Select “New” to enter and configure a new employee.

Configuring Backoffice 1 Configuring Backoffice 2

  • Add a “Manager” job position as well.

Add Manager Job

  • In System Setup Option under Advanced tab set the Default Internet Employee to the one just created - “EOI.

System Setup Options

  • Create a shortcut for PixelPointPOS.exe to start station 2.

Create Shortcut for PixelPointPOS.exe 1

Create Shortcut for PixelPointPOS.exe 2

  • Add the shortcut to auto start-up of the system.
    • In Pixel32.ini
    • Add 2 lines under [STATION2] section
    • ActiveServer=Y
    • InternetServer=Y

Add Shortcut to auto start up

  • Restart OS.
  • Upon restart all components should have started such as: Database, License manager, POS station 1, POS Station 2. The POS Station 2 will show a characteristic interface for EOI configuration and function.

POS Interface

  • The POS is configured and ready for EOI orders.

Install PixelPoint HQ EOI Connector:

  • Install the HQ client by running PixelPointHQEOI.exe as Administrator.
  • The EOI connector will start.

EOI Connector

  • On the bottom right there will be a green status “POS” indicating that the connector can talk to POS.
  • If it is red, you likely not running the POS Station 2 as just configured or missed a step in configuration. The example of red status:

Red Status

  • If it is yellow, then on POS Station 1 start the current business day (also referred to as “OpenDate”)
  • Next you need to link up EOI connector at store with a “virtual” store in the HQ cloud.

EOI Client Connector

PixelPoint HQ store token

  • Enter your store identification token. You can find the store token by login to PixelPoint HQ site:
    • Login using your credentials.
    • Select “Manage Organizations” box.
    • Select the Organization that your Store belongs to
    • Click on your store, you should see the following:
    • Copy the token shown in the store details

Store Details

  • Then on the HQ EOI connector will show messages that it has connected to HQ. It will continuously send heartbeat messages every 30 sec or so to keep connection open and to detect disconnect. If disconnected due to internet disruption for example, the HQ connector should attempt to reconnect within a minute or so.

Heartbeat Messages

  • On the bottom left there will be an icon indicating that is connected, as such:

Configuring your Tyro Connect / PixelPoint Integration

  • Login to PixelPoint HQ page
  • Click ‘Manage Organisations’
  • Create a new ‘Concept’ for the store location that will be using the Tyro Connect integration
    • Sign
    • Create new store
    • Name store
  • Deployment status must be set to ‘Live Store’ A token is created that then needs to be shared back to the Connect team. Token is created in store and reseller needs to provide to Tyro Connect.
  • Accessing the location specific token
    • Manage APIs
    • Find Tyro Connect in the list
    • Copy token from details
    • Share with Tyro Connect Email token with store name and details to

POS / Store Configurations

Sale Types

Reseller or Merchant will need to preconfigure sale type for pick up and dine in

  • Online Ordering – Dine In
  • Online Ordering – Pick Up

Note: Tyro Connect will not use the delivery sale type as that triggers the process for merchant delivery. All delivery partners will use Pick Up as a delivery driver for the app partner will collect the order and have all delivery information given to them by app partner.

Tax Inclusive Payments

The Reseller or Merchant needs to make changes in the POS in order to accept “Tax Inclusive Payments” from Tyro Connect, standard operating procedure in AU market.

  • In the POS find and click on. The EOI station
  • Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Tick the box for ‘tax inclusive feature code 1’

Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants

Our instruction manual for merchants is a step by step guide on how they can create and manage their Tyro Connect account.

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