IdealPOS Integration

IdealPOS / Tyro Connect

The IdealPOS / Tyro Connect integration allows IdealPOS customers to access third party food ordering apps directly to their POS (Point of Sale). Customers from across Australia are live with partners including, me&u, Chewzie, Hubster, Order with Google and more. The integration allows merchants to save time and money by having all orders routed to one central place in the POS.

Current Integrations:

  • Ordering 0.6

Upcoming Integrations:

  • Ordering 1.0
  • Menu 1.0
  • Bookings 1.0
  • Sales Data 1.0
  • Tables 1.0


  • Minimum version requirements
  • Configuring your IdealPOS / Tyro Connect Integration
  • Issues at Venue
  • Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants

Minimum Version Requirements

  • IdealPOS Minimum Version: 7.1 Build 15
  • Connection specifics: Webhook integration to Tyro Connect.
    • Printing set up - setup by Idealpos R&D or Resellers.
    • Sales type set up - setup by Idealpos R&D or Resellers.
  • Best support contacts: Contact the reseller that services the site.

Configuring IdealPOS/ Tyro Connect Integration

Configuration is setup by Idealpos R&D or Resellers.

IdealPOS - POS specific behaviour

  • Orders will appear in ‘Web Orders’ on the POS - from the main screen click ‘Web Orders’ at the top in blue
  • Paid orders will show as completed transactions – see in the journal by selecting the ONLINE Tender Type and reported period (eg Today).
  • The online orders will also display in the sale reports as reported transactions.
  • Order ‘Accepted’ in Tyro Connect - this does not mean POS got the order. IdealPOS send Tyro Connect an accepted message to mean "we have the order from you".

Issues at Venue

  • If there is an issue at the venue (e.g. implementation, printing, stock item mapping etc.) - the reseller that services the site will be the primary contact.
  • If the reseller has an issue that needs to be escalated, they can raise a request with the IdealPOS reseller support team.
  • If a merchant does not know their reseller, they can contact Tyro Connect or the app to enquire.

Printing issues

The reseller is the primary contact for the venue. Some specific printing issues are mentioned below:

Dockets not printing

Confirm Tyro Connect is working (orders are going into the POS, the POS is showing ‘online’ in the Tyro Connect portal). If it is working but the dockets are still not printing, then the reseller can be contacted to troubleshoot the issue.

Dockets not printing for drinks only

This is likely an issue with the configuration at the venue. This will have to be actioned by the reseller.

Item not recognised

When an item or item modifier is not recognised (does not exist on the POS) it will be printed in the topmost section, not in the Food or Beverage section. In the case of modifiers, the unrecognised item will not be connected to its parent item while printing.

Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants

Step-by-step guide on how a merchant can create and manage their Tyro Connect account.

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