iPOS / LotusPOS Integration

iPOS & Lotus POS / Tyro Connect

iPOS and LotusPOS have partnered with Tyro Connect to integrate to allow hospitality businesses to improve their operational efficiencies through third party solutions. Integrations that are available via this partnership include; Hubster, Ordering with Google, SevenRooms, DoorDash and more.

Important note: iPOS and LotusPOS offer identical software under two different brands.

Current Integrations:

  • Food Ordering 1.0

Upcoming Integrations:

  • Menu Sync 1.0
  • Tables 1.0
  • Bookings 1.0
  • Sales Data 1.0
  • Sales Data 1.1


  • Minimum Version Requirements
  • Configuring the Tyro Connect Integration
  • Common Issues
  • Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants

Minimum Version Requirements

  • Minimum Version: Digital Data Assist Hospitality Version 8.28 or above and all Enrich versions

Configuring the Tyro Connect Integration

  • Merchant has onboarded, created a location and selected their app partners within Tyro Connect.
  • Automated email is sent to the iPOS / LotusPOS onboarding team with relevant details.
  • All configurations are done by the iPOS / LotusPOS team to connect the POS to Tyro Connect including plug in installation.

Best support contacts

If you are seeking support from the iPOS/LotusPOS team please contact chester@i-pos.com.au.

Common Issues

  • My orders keep failing.
    • Orders will be rejected if they have not been accepted by the POS (Point of Sale) within 2 minutes. This may be due to poor internet connectivity, or the POS may not be connected.
  • Items and/or modifiers are not printing properly.
    • Have you checked that the item or modifier has been set up to print?
  • POS reject reasons – check with the iPOS/LotusPOS team.
    • "Item_Code xxxx not exist"
    • "pos connection error"
    • "POS order is saved to POS, but printer server has no response"
    • "Order - 123456000 [bf224455-0c86-4ef0-9cb5-9c25d57ae60e] is rejected as out of Business Hours."

Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants

Step-by-step guide on how a merchant can create and manage their Tyro Connect account.

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