Triniteq (Power EPOS) Integration

Triniteq / Tyro Connect

The Triniteq integration with Tyro Connect is available on their Cloud based product only, PowerEPOS.

Current Integrations:

  • Food Ordering 1.0
  • Menu Sync 1.0

Upcoming Integrations:

  • Bookings 1.0
  • Loyalty 1.0
  • Sales Data 1.0
  • Payments 1.0


  • Minimum Requirements
  • POS / Store Configurations
  • Configuring Tyro Connect / Triniteq Integration
  • Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants
  • Menu Sync (If applicable to app partner)

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be Triniteq PowerEPOS (cloud-based solution).
  • If merchant is running Triniteq WaiterPOS version 5,6 or 7 refer to as a potential POS hardware upgrade may be required as well as the PowerEPOS software upgrade.
  • If merchant is running Triniteq WaiterPOS version 8 or above please refer to , no POS hardware upgrade will be required (assuming hardware is in sound working order) but will require the PowerEPOS software upgrade Configuring Tyro Connect / Triniteq Integration.
  • Merchant has onboarded, created a location and selected their app partners within Tyro Connect.
  • Automated email is sent to with details & Tyro Connect provide tc-location-id in shared slack channel.
  • All configurations are done at Triniteq HQ by the Triniteq team.
  • Triniteq provide Tyro Connect with Organisation Key and Outlet ID through Slack.
  • Tyro Connect Support Engineer adds these details to the merchant account to finalise onboarding and set up.

POS / Store Configurations

All configurations are managed by the Triniteq team at HQ Email for any issues or raise with Account Manager.

Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants

Our instruction manual for merchants is a step-by-step guide on how they can create and manage their Tyro Connect account.

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