Uniwell Integration

Uniwell / Tyro Connect

The Uniwell / Tyro Connect integration allows Uniwell customers to access third party food ordering apps directly to their POS (Point of Sale). Customers from across Australia are live with partners including, me&u, Chewzie, Hubster, Order with Google and more. The integration allows merchants to save time and money by having all orders routed to one central place in the POS.

Current Integrations:

  • Food Ordering 1.0

Upcoming Integrations:

  • Menu Sync 1.0
  • Bookings 1.0
  • Loyalty 1.0
  • Sales Data 1.0
  • Payments 1.0


  • Minimum version requirements
  • Configuring your Uniwell / Tyro Connect Integration
  • Issues at Venue
  • Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants

Minimum Version Requirements

  • Uniwell Minimum Version: Uniwell HX series v5.40+
  • Connection specifics: Uniwell have a unique integration of polling Tyro Connect for orders. They are a Websocket-style POS with NO heartbeat (no visibility to show online/offline). They do NOT have a webhook or a websocket.
    • Printing set up: Orders received use the standard printing setup on the HX, but we do have the ability to customise the printing for Tyro orders using our function called Kitchen Printer Levels.
    • Sales type set up: All Tyro sales are received under a specific configurable Clerk Code.
  • Best support contacts: To make an enquiry or raise a ticket, please contact Uniwell at support@Uniwell.com.au .

Configuring Uniwell / Tyro Connect Integration

Connecting via the POS in the venue

How to authenticate on the POS terminal (instead of remote access by reseller/POS):

  1. Exit sales
  2. Sign on with engineer code
  3. Program
  4. System
  5. Engineering Code
  6. Type 9121 and Enter
  7. Setup
  8. Type displayed 8-digit code into Tyro connect website
  9. Sign in with our account (details have been provided to Squires)
  10. Click ok
  11. Tyro website says connection success

Uniwell - POS specific behaviour

Locations page of the Tyro Connect portal – https://portal.connect.tyro.com/locations

  • On the top right you will see ‘Unknown location status ?’. This is because the POS connects to the Uniwell cloud server, not Tyro Connect directly. It is recommended that if you are experiencing connectivity issues that you contact your POS provider/reseller.

Unknown Location Status

Issues at Venue

  • If there is an issue at the venue (e.g. implementation, printing, stock item mapping etc.) - contact the Uniwell Reseller for the site.

Printing issues

The Uniwell Reseller is the primary contact for the venue. Some specific printing issues are mentioned below:

Dockets not printing

Confirm Tyro Connect is working (orders are going into the POS). If it is working but the dockets are still not printing, then this is a printing configuration issue and you can the Uniwell Reseller for the site.

Dockets not printing for drinks only

This is a printing configuration issue and you can the Uniwell Reseller for the site.

Item not recognised

When an item or item modifier is not recognised (does not exist on the POS) it will be rejected.

Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants

Step-by-step guide on how a merchant can create and manage their Tyro Connect account.

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