SwiftPOS Integration

SwiftPOS / Tyro Connect

The SwiftPOS / Tyro Connect integration allows SwiftPOS customers to access third party food ordering apps directly to their POS. With customers around Australia live with partners including, me&u, Chewzie, Hubster, Order with Google and more. The integration allows merchants to save time and money by having all orders routed in one central place.

Current Integrations:

  • Food Ordering 0.6
  • Upcoming Integrations:
  • Food Ordering 1.0
  • Bookings 1.0
  • Loyalty 1.0
  • Sales Data 1.0
  • Payments 1.0


  • Minimum Requirements
  • New Reseller
  • Configure SwiftPOS / Tyro Connect
  • App Specific Requirements
  • Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum Version: SwiftPOS v.10

New Reseller

Are you a new SwiftPOS reseller or is this your first venue wanting to use the Tyro Connect integration?

Contact connect-support@tyro.com to ensure correct set up of your reseller account, including the right permissions and correct email address for us to send all integration details.

Configure SwiftPOS / Tyro Connect

Step by step instructions can be found here: Setting up SwiftPOS

Authorising the Terminal:

  • Enabling orders at the Master Terminal*
    • Click ‘Table Tracking’ tab on the left-hand side options
    • At the top of the page find ‘Orders’ tab
    • Click ‘Enable Orders’
    • If you don’t want to see the orders at POS, tick ‘Finalise Remote/Web Orders’ which will send them directly to the kitchen printer
  • Authenticating the terminal and location (SwiftPOS V10 and Higher)
    • Go to the ‘Terminal’ tab on the left-hand side
    • Enter the tc-location-id (provided by Tyro Connect) in the site Site Location ID field
    • Click “Authorise device”
  • Device should be authorised; this may take a moment to show in the Tyro Connect Portal

Printing the Order:

In a normal Hotel venue, customers are ordering and paying at the bar for drinks so there is no bar printer set up. Only food orders are being sent to the kitchen.

An exception to this might be a designated printer set up for cocktails as they take longer to make.

Web Orders (via Tyro Connect) have the ability to print to a peripheral printer called an ‘Order Printer’

  • This ‘Order Printer’ needs to be configured to only print food and drink orders that are not already being printed.

Order Printer:

  • Add an Order Printer to print out in the bar or POS Receipt Printer if there Is no specific bar printer
  • You can only have one Order Printer installed. It is NOT a kitchen printer
  • Select the categories that you need to print so that you can deliver drinks to the table
    • “Click and Collect” or Order Deliveries categories would all print to the Order Printer

Printer Settings:

  • Confirm that all the correct order types have been enabled for the Kitchen Printer and Order Printer

Assigning Payments for Reporting:

This is where you assign the payments that are made for the order on each of the different apps that your location is using to a media in the SwiftPOS software.

Once you have assigned the media, you will be able to track sales and report on them.


  • Resellers will need to set up a media in the Backoffice and give it an appropriate name so it can easily be identified
  • Table tracking > Tyro > Payment Media

Product Descriptions:

  • Use Tyro Item Description*
    • Terminal > Tyro > Tick box

*Every single item in the order will take its description from Tyro and no matter whether you use short or standard descriptions on the Kitchen Printer, it will print the Tyro description

  • Use SwiftPOS Description
    • No changes necessary

*All items that were matched to a product in SwiftPOS will display the SwiftPOS description no matter the settings for the Kitchen Printer being used. The following exceptions apply in this mode: All unmatched items, discounts and surcharges will use the Tyro description item because Tyro does not return any information to map them to records in SwiftPOS.

Tyro Connect Onboarding for Merchants

Our instruction manual for merchants is a step-by-step guide on how they can create and manage their Tyro Connect account.

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