Version 1.1 Changes

The following changes were introduced to support payments and suburbs.

  • Added the payments field to bookings to allow a partner App to associate payments with a booking.
  • Added the suburb field inside the customer.address field for the customer’s suburb.

Booking entity

New/updated Field Description Change Change Description
payments Optional list of payments associated with a booking. New Added to handle scenarios where the partner App wished to associate a payment with a booking. For example, if a partner App wanted to represent a deposit payment on a booking.
customer.address.suburb Suburb of the customer New New field representing the customer’s suburb.

For Apps

  • Payments on a booking created/updated by the App will be sent to the POS.
  • Customer's suburb details on a booking created/updated by the App will be sent to the POS.

For POS systems

  • Bookings can contain an optional list of payments from the App
  • Customer's suburb details can also be received in bookings.

Version 1.0 Changes

The following changes were made in version 1.0 of Booking released in 2021.

HTTP Headers

The following HTTP headers were changed:

Header Description Changes
Accept Contains the requested API version Added

Introduces a new Asset concept that allows consumers to book different types of entities. As of now we support Room and Table assets. With more to come in future releases

Supports additional fields, more details in the documentation:

  • startTime - start time for the booking
  • endTime - end time for the booking
  • notes - notes specific to the booking.
  • bookingStatus - current status of the booking
  • customer - customer making the booking
  • asset - asset information of the booking

Deprecated fields:

  • status - status of the booking, in favor of bookingStatus which supports asset agnostic statuses.

For Apps

  • New bookings that are created in your booking system will be sent to the POS.
  • Update details of existing bookings.

For POS systems

  • Create walk-in from the POS, currently only supported for Table asset.
  • Update an existing Booking.
  • Retrieve & filter a list of bookings from the POS
  • Retrieve a list of changes that have been made to a booking
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